A lire: un pastiche de Sherlock Holmes par Michael Moorcock. The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Affair of the Texan’s Honour. Une des plus belles nouvelles-hommages à Holmes que j’ai jamais lu. Déjà publiée par deux fois sur papier. En écrira-t-il réellement d’autres?? (il indique « 1 sur 13″… Hum…).

Et pour parler de Michael Moorcock, il n’est pas vraiment tendre avec The Lord of the Rings, dans la (toujours épatante) newsletter humoristique de Dave Langford, Ansible:

« I actually saw Lord of the Rings (en famille — that is, the nieces and in-laws watched, Linda snored gently through most of it, to wake up occasionally to utter a snort of irritation, and I had to leave twice in spite of me bad legs, just to get away from the boredom. Wow). Okay, Mr Langford, ask your readers this — since Prof Tolkien pooh-poohed most science fiction for not being logical in its world-building, especially its languages, of course, and since he swore that this was not a post-holocaust fantasy, how come these early industrial revolution kulaks, with sophisticated metal working skills, gunpowder, focussing lenses and advanced printing methods, couldn’t make one simple fucking cannon and blow the bad guys off their keeps in a trice? Jesus, they could put an intercontinental ballistic missile together with the resources I spotted in Hobbitville without even thinking about it, since my eye kept wandering off the leprechauns and wizards. […] It’s the last fucking unicorn opera I watch in a long while. Frankly, Star Wars was a lot more convincing and I thought that was crap, too. »

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