Je n’ai pas encore lu le nouveau Iain Sinclair — London Orbital: A Walk Around the M25 — mais je l’ai déjà acheté (je l’avais commandé d’avance!) et ce semble encore être une belle cinglerie sur l’exploration de Londres… Miam! 🙂

En attendant, une petite chronique dans le Telegraph: Walking in circles

Iain Sinclair is a heavy-duty version of Peter Ackroyd, a London visionary and crackling prose writer who veers between cheerful satire and apocalyptic horror. His books take the form of extended excursions through London’s more obscure backstreets (most notably in Lights Out for the Territory, and the novels White Chapell, Scarlet Tracings and Downriver) tracing history, following poetic footsteps, noting curious resonances. […] Here, Sinclair’s object is to circumnavigate, on foot, the M25, to discover if it is the « conceptual ha-ha [that marks] the boundary of whatever could be called London. (from Douze Lunes)

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