It is incidentally fascinating, isn’t it, how so many of the wicked characters of this century have been comically moustached? The Kaiser had a perfectly priceless pair of nonsenses that looked as if they were melting. Stalin’s moustache, of course, grew bigger every time your turned away from it and gave the appaerance, as P.G. Wodehouse used to say, of having been grown under glass. Hitler’s becomes especially amusing when you picture him shaving every morning. The point about facial topiary, after all, is that it is deliberate and therefore screams the owner’s vanity.
Stephen Fry, Paperweight

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  1. je déteste les moustaches – sauf celle d’Hercule Poirot, bien entendu! Et c’est en pensant à Poirot que j’ai déniché cette citation dans un recueil d’articles de l’impeccable Stephen Fry (recueil qui contient aussi un joli pastiche de Holmes, tiens).

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