Lisant le début de Forces in Modern British Litterature de William York Tindall (1955), j’y trouve quelques propos sur les « yellow Nineties » qui s’appliqueraient fort bien à la situation actuelle de la science-fiction, et en particulier sur le rôle de la mouvance steampunk en son sein depuis quelques temps…

A literary tradition, having exhausted its normal possibilities, invites three courses. The poet may imitate the perfect expression of its predecessors, in which case he is dead. He may start a nexw tradition, but this is permitted to few and only with the help, apprently, of social change. Or, keeping within the limits of the tradition, he may make it extraordinary. This poet is decadent.
« Strangeness added to beauty », which Pater, defining his quality, called the quality of romanticism, better defines its decadence.

Une réflexion sur « #1692 »

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