Très bel épisode du Docteur, hier soir, et pile pour la journée des Fiertés, un dialogue qui fait chaud au cœur :

Bill: “There’s, um, something I should explain . . . . This is probably just a really difficult idea. I don’t like men that way.”
Lucius: “What, not ever?”
Bill: “No, not ever. Only women.”
Lucius: “Oh, alright, yeah, I got it. You’re like Vitus, then.”
Bill: “What?”
Lucius: “He only likes men . . . . I don’t think it’s narrow-minded. I think it’s fine. You know what you like.”
Bill: “And you like . . . both?”
Lucius: “I’m just ordinary. I like men and women.”
Bill: “Well, isn’t this all very . . . modern.”
Lucius: “Hey, not everybody has to be modern. I think it’s sweet that you’re so restricted.”
Bill: “. . . Cheers.”